Old Navy – Tiki Aloha Shirts & Tropical Pajamas


A week or so ago I headed to Old Navy to stock up on some summer clothes for our trip to Kauai. (Next weekend!) The Burbank store must have been on the same Hawaiian wavelength since they had a bunch of Aloha shirt styles in the men’s section.


Naturally, the most notable of the lot was this white and green one with spooky looking tikis, palm trees, thatched huts and tiki torches. (Close-ups here and here.) They were on sale for $15.50 from $25, so I picked one up for Mr. Baseball so he can blend in at tiki shindigs.


This cobalt blue number caught my eye as well so I picked up a size small for myself (even though I tend to prefer tiki dresses or skirts). Unfortunately, these shirts don’t seem to be available online, but they do have tiki printed boxers.


The Hawaiian theme continued over at women’s sleepwear with “lounge pants” ($12) printed with pineapples and hula girls. Oddly enough, these aren’t online either, at least not these particular pairs. (There is a tropical blue floral style, though.)


These purple pajamas with umbrella drinks were kind of cute, but they would have been better with a design of tiki mugs… 🙂

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Dazzles Vintage Store – Palm Springs, CA

IMG_7036After our Modernism Week architecture bus tour, my cohort and I started walking up Palm Canyon Drive to get a closer look at the tiki torches from Don the Beachcomber Palm Springs. About a block before we reached them, we stopped in our tracks when we spotted these two tikis out by the sidewalk.

IMG_7004They ended up serving their purpose, which was drawing us into Dazzles, a vintage store that we otherwise wouldn’t have noticed. It’s set back from the street in what appears to be a converted motel or apartment building that they share with a dentist’s office.

IMG_7015The first rooms you encounter are filled with knickknacks like macramé owls, resin grape clusters and this lovely Venus rain lamp. Make sure to keep exploring the rest of the building because this is just scratching the surface of their selection.

IMG_7016The tiki bar at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe no longer exists, but back in the day they produced so many mugs that they’re not all that uncommon to find. I also saw a couple peanut lined face mugs marked at $20 a piece.

In the central courtyard there was an empty swimming pool surrounded by for-sale patio furniture and more palm tikis. On the north side are open doorways leading to still more rooms that are also part of Dazzles.

IMG_7026Here’s where we really hit the jackpot of neat stuff — so many stacks of furniture and art that we had to be careful not to knock anything over. There’s also a large case of bakelite and costume jewelry that Yelpers seem to be quite fond of.

IMG_7027Hello, gorgeous! That’s a nice pair of…barstools. (I was referring to that tiki bar there in the middle, of course.)

I liked these matching restored rattan rocking chairs, but at five grand for the pair they were a wee bit out of my price range. Just like me to pick out the expensive items, but there were tons of other more wallet-friendly finds, including rattan side tables, coffee tables, wine racks and lamps.

IMG_7032Dazzles is just one of many mid-century modern shops in Palm Springs’ Uptown Design District, which the Los Angeles Times recently blogged about. While you’re in the neighborhood, check out the Shag Store and Trio Restaurant.


1035 North Palm Canyon Dr.
Palm Springs, CA 92262

55th Anniversary Adventureland Tiki Glasses at Disneyland

A few months back, I mentioned the four giclées that Kevin Kidney and Jody Daily designed in honor of Disneyland’s 55th anniversary. When I was back there in December, I discovered that they had spun off those images onto glasses, like this one with the tiki from Adventureland.

They look neat, though alas not very photogenic (at least not with my camera skills)—and for $7 they’re practically a steal. (You couldn’t even buy two churros for that.) Don’t count on getting a full set, though, the Fantasyland ones seem to have been sold out since Day One.