Home With The Beachcomber – Simi Valley, CA

As previously mentioned, I love Anthropologie, but not crowds. So whenever we feel the need to shop, my cohort Curious Laydee and I head out to the Simi Valley Town Center, an outdoor mall that’s usually all but deserted.

And a few months ago as we were about to enter our beloved faux-bohemian bazaar, she spotted Home With The Beachcomber just across the way. I hadn’t noticed a tiki store there before!

It’s a rather large space and it’s mostly filled with Hawaiiana stuff, like Hilo Hattie-type Aloha wear, prints of vintage air travel ads, and anything you can possibly imagine being printed with a hibiscus flower, palm tree or pineapple.

Not pictured here, but I did notice some nods to the modern tiki art scene—like framed Doug Horne prints. (You might recognize his art if you’ve ever been in our downstairs bathroom… ;))

There’s also a section devoted to the kinds of goodies you might bring back from a trip to the Islands, like coconut M&Ms, Waialua soda, Kona coffee, and chocolate covered macadamia nuts.

The name tipped me off that maybe the store is related to Don the Beachcomber, and they do actually stock their signature rum barrels, along with some hula girl mugs and the still ubiquitous Pink Panther themed ceramics designed by Shag.

I found further support of this possible connection in these Don the Beachcomber-branded mini tiki huts on display.

It was fun to browse, but most of the wares were a bit touristy for my taste. This would be the perfect spot to hit up, though, if you didn’t bring back enough souvenir gifts for people after your Hawaiian vacation. They’ll never know!

Home with the Beachcomber
1555 Simi Town Center Wy.
Simi Valley, CA 93065


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