Harajuku Lovers is, Like, Totally Tiki

Harajuku Lovers Hawaiian Girl Baby Cuddle bag

Continuing my theme of things I love going together with something else that I love is this summer’s Harajuku Lovers lines by Gwen Stefani, which featured…tikis!

Their availability is pretty limited now, but there is one bonus to not discovering these purses until September: sales! This bag was originally $88, but throw in extra extra clearance, Labor Day coupons and other Macy’s magic and it somehow ended up costing twenty-something dollars.


A peek at the tikis on the inside of the Harajuku Lovers Hawaiian Girl “Baby” Cuddle bag. More images of my “Fatal Attraction to Cuteness” after the jump!

Harajuku Lovers Kawaii Mermaid

I adore the Kawaii Mermaid print, but it’s pretty much impossible (or prohibitively expensive) to find in bag form.

Harajuku Lovers Hawaii Five-Oh

More tikis! These are from the “Hawaii Five-Oh!” line from Harajuku Lovers. I found these on eBay, too bad I’m not a fan of slip-on sneaks.

Harajuku Lovers Aloha Girls

I’ve also seen this pattern listed as “Aloha Girls.” I was about to get this tote on eBay as well, but I hesitated and now it’s lost.

Harajuku Lovers

A little onesie perfect for tiki tykes!

Harajuku Lovers Nerdz Yum Yum

No tikis on the Nerdz Yum Yum pattern…I just like it.  🙂  For more Gwen Stefani gear, you might want to check out www.thegiantpeach.com, which in addition to having the occasional deep discounts, also has a Roald Dahl-inspired name.


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