Tiki Bars in London

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Mahiki tiki bar in London
Dining area at the Mahiki

London Tiki Bars:

Trader Vic’s, London – This was the first overseas location of Trader Vic’s, opening in 1963 in the London Hilton on Park Lane. The decor is topnotch, with carved tiki poles, suspended outriggers, fish floats, large shells and bamboo, plus nautical touches like lanterns, model ships and small yacht club flags along the wall.

Mahiki, London – Mahiki was one of the first in a new breed of tiki bar—it’s really more of an exclusive lounge/nightclub with a tiki theme. The owners wisely brought in CheekyTiki to do the decor and they went all out with tons of bamboo, lauhala matting, shell lamps, rattan chairs and tikis.

Trailer Happiness, London

Kanaloa, London

Kona Kai, London

Sugar Cane, London

Rapa Nui Moai at the British Museum
Rapa Nui Moai (Easter Island statue) at the British Museum

Tiki-Related Things in London:

The British Museum – Along with the very impressive Egyptian collection, Parthenon frieze and Rosetta Stone, the British Museum also has a Moai, one of a thousand made on Rapa Nui.

Kua ‘Aina, London – Tropical burger spot with a couple locations in London


2 responses

  1. Enjoyed viewing your travels to various purveyors of tiki culture. Amazing how many get it all SO wrong.

    FYI – a close friend of mine who’s buddy opened a small tiki bar in Ventura, CA. simply named, Ventiki – (kinda like what Tiki-No did by compounding tiki with location). Haven’t been myself, not down with the overall aesthetic of the place personally, but, locals have left some good general comments. Check it out and see what you think…

    Ventiki – http://ventikilounge.com/Ventiki_Lounge_and_Lanai__Polynesian-Influenced_Tiki_in_Ventura,_California.html

    Yelp – http://www.yelp.com/biz/ventiki-tiki-lounge-and-lanai-ventura


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