Who Wears Short (Tiki) Shorts?


Does some bigwig out there at Old Navy subscribe to this blog? Last summer I wrote about the store’s tiki wear and I said the tropical cocktail pajama pants would have been better if they’d had tiki mugs on them, and lo and behold…


I found these women’s tiki lounge shorts ($9) online with coconut cups, Ku and Lono tiki mugs, and a couple mugs that resemble the ones from Mark Thomas Outrigger in Monterey, CA. The drinks are even garnished! I purchased a pair of these and am perfectly pleased with them. The inseam is only 3” so they are pretty short, but they’re just for wearing around the house anyway. (There’s also a pineapple print.)


No need for dudes to feel left out, though. Old Navy has you covered too with these tiki boxers ($8.50). (Also available in blue hibiscus and hula girl prints.) Pretty sure these were the same ones they offered last year.


I also discovered this women’s Hawaii tee ($16.94) — plus-size only apparently — with a tiki that looks like a rip-off of a Mai Tiki. (R.I.P. Wayne Coombs.) Old Navy also stocks men’s Hawaiian shirts, but this year’s prints are not that special. Take note of that, anonymous and probably imaginary Gap Inc. employee reading this post!

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Old Navy – Tiki Aloha Shirts & Tropical Pajamas


A week or so ago I headed to Old Navy to stock up on some summer clothes for our trip to Kauai. (Next weekend!) The Burbank store must have been on the same Hawaiian wavelength since they had a bunch of Aloha shirt styles in the men’s section.


Naturally, the most notable of the lot was this white and green one with spooky looking tikis, palm trees, thatched huts and tiki torches. (Close-ups here and here.) They were on sale for $15.50 from $25, so I picked one up for Mr. Baseball so he can blend in at tiki shindigs.


This cobalt blue number caught my eye as well so I picked up a size small for myself (even though I tend to prefer tiki dresses or skirts). Unfortunately, these shirts don’t seem to be available online, but they do have tiki printed boxers.


The Hawaiian theme continued over at women’s sleepwear with “lounge pants” ($12) printed with pineapples and hula girls. Oddly enough, these aren’t online either, at least not these particular pairs. (There is a tropical blue floral style, though.)


These purple pajamas with umbrella drinks were kind of cute, but they would have been better with a design of tiki mugs… 🙂

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