Polynesia Greetings Dress at Anthropologie

I have to say that Anthropologie, while one of my favorite places to spend my dough, is probably the last place I expected to find anything related to tiki.

Their stores are impeccably styled and look like the most elegant and bohemian pied-à-terre in Paris one could imagine. I would like to just pack a bag and move in one day.

They offer overpriced vintage-esque fashions and furniture…and I shamelessly love it all. Mostly I scour the sale section where there are usually some great bargains to be found.

Last week I was at The Grove on the hunt for this lovely little number, when I took a quick look through the discount racks and discovered the Polynesia Greetings dress.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed it had a really interesting print of compasses, coral, sea turtles, fish, palm trees, mandolins and even the Kon-Tiki raft and the iconic image from its sail. (Thor Heyerdahl’s books about his voyages, along with “South Pacific,” contributed to the mid-century tiki trend.)

I dig it because it’s tiki, but not in your typical hibiscus-patterned Aloha wear way.


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