Giveaway! Have Yourself a Moai Little Christmas

Eric October's "Have Yourself a Moai Little Christmas"

Let’s make this Monday a little merrier, shall we? Last weekend at Tonga Hut‘s Tiki Wonderland event, I picked up these jolly postcards by Eric October — “Have Yourself a Moai Little Christmas,” get it? I’d like to spread a little holiday cheer by sending some well wishes on one of these cards to the first 15 people to comment on this post. (I’ll e-mail you for a mailing address.) UPDATE: All the cards have been spoken for — mahalo for playing, everyone!

If you have a suggestion for some festive music, I’d love to hear! (My favorites of the moment include “Skating” by the Vince Guaraldi Trio from “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” The Beatles-infused “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” from The Ventures’ Christmas Album, and Ixtahuele’s exotica version of “White Christmas.”)

Also, if you happen to be in the Los Angeles area, you can see more art by Eric October at The Enchanted World of Rankin/Bass group tribute art show at Creature Features in Burbank. (A bunch of familiar tiki artists like Derek Yaniger and BigToe are participating too.) It’s on display at the store through January 4, 2015, and you can also see some photos of the art on the event’s Facebook page.

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Tiki on “American Dad” Part Four – Mo’ Moai


Cartoon show creator Seth MacFarlane loves to have his animated shows spoof iconic film franchises. “Family Guy” famously parodied “Star Wars,” “Cleveland Show” took on “Die Hard,” and “American Dad” poked fun at James Bond.


On “American Dad,” the lead character Stan Smith is already a CIA agent, so for these episodes the rest of his family takes on spy-inspired roles. His wife Francine becomes femme fatale Sexpun T’Come while Roger the alien is even more evil than usual as supervillain Tearjerker.


The first such installment was “Tearjerker,” season 3 episode 10, which aired in 2008. Now five years later the follow-up “For Black Eyes Only” (season 8 episode 13) ran on March 10, 2013.


In this episode, Agent Stan Smith is pitted against a new nemesis named Black Villain (Principal Lewis on the show). He goes to seek help from former enemy Tearjerker, who is locked up in a maximum security prison on…Easter Island!


Then us viewers are treated to a close-up of these Moai, quite nicely rendered in cartoon form. It’s just more evidence that there must be somebody that works on this show that is into tiki.


If you want to see the scene for yourself, you can watch the whole episode for free on Hulu. (No registration required.)

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Tiki on TV: Moai Eye Spy


While channelsurfing last night I was surprised to discover not one but two tikis on TV. The first was on a re-run of “The Colbert Report” from February 27. During his monologue, Stephen Colbert brought up a photo of a Moai to poke fun at John Kerry’s rather elongated face:

“Folks, if you watch the news then you know that earlier this month John Kerry was sworn in as Secretary of State….And this past Sunday he embarked on a 10-day, 9-nation marathon that I was surprised to see did not include his homeland of Easter Island.”


An hour or so later I spotted another Moai, this time in a commercial for granola bars, of all things. A girl is sitting on the dock (eating a granola bar) then she jumps in the lake and imagines a wild adventure in which she swims with killer whales (I hadn’t really been paying attention at this point and assumed this was an ad for Sea World). Then she encounters battling pirate ships and finally washes ashore on a  beach with this giant Moai nearby. Who knew granola bars could be so magical?

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