Tiki on TV: Moai Eye Spy


While channelsurfing last night I was surprised to discover not one but two tikis on TV. The first was on a re-run of “The Colbert Report” from February 27. During his monologue, Stephen Colbert brought up a photo of a Moai to poke fun at John Kerry’s rather elongated face:

“Folks, if you watch the news then you know that earlier this month John Kerry was sworn in as Secretary of State….And this past Sunday he embarked on a 10-day, 9-nation marathon that I was surprised to see did not include his homeland of Easter Island.”


An hour or so later I spotted another Moai, this time in a commercial for granola bars, of all things. A girl is sitting on the dock (eating a granola bar) then she jumps in the lake and imagines a wild adventure in which she swims with killer whales (I hadn’t really been paying attention at this point and assumed this was an ad for Sea World). Then she encounters battling pirate ships and finally washes ashore on a  beach with this giant Moai nearby. Who knew granola bars could be so magical?

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