Tiki on “American Dad” Part Four – Mo’ Moai


Cartoon show creator Seth MacFarlane loves to have his animated shows spoof iconic film franchises. “Family Guy” famously parodied “Star Wars,” “Cleveland Show” took on “Die Hard,” and “American Dad” poked fun at James Bond.


On “American Dad,” the lead character Stan Smith is already a CIA agent, so for these episodes the rest of his family takes on spy-inspired roles. His wife Francine becomes femme fatale Sexpun T’Come while Roger the alien is even more evil than usual as supervillain Tearjerker.


The first such installment was “Tearjerker,” season 3 episode 10, which aired in 2008. Now five years later the follow-up “For Black Eyes Only” (season 8 episode 13) ran on March 10, 2013.


In this episode, Agent Stan Smith is pitted against a new nemesis named Black Villain (Principal Lewis on the show). He goes to seek help from former enemy Tearjerker, who is locked up in a maximum security prison on…Easter Island!


Then us viewers are treated to a close-up of these Moai, quite nicely rendered in cartoon form. It’s just more evidence that there must be somebody that works on this show that is into tiki.


If you want to see the scene for yourself, you can watch the whole episode for free on Hulu. (No registration required.)

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Tiki on “American Dad”: Part 3


After the latest disappointing Treehouse of Horrors episode from “The Simpsons,” we needed something to take our minds off the awfulness. Thankfully that arrived soon after when we spotted a bunch of tikis on “American Dad.”


In “Killer Vacation,” which aired on October 7, 2012, the Smith family takes a vacation on an unnamed tropical island, and shenanigans follow. Hayley and Jeff are propositioned by another couple while sipping umbrella and coconut drinks at the poolside bar, complete with bamboo and a tiki mask on the wall.


Harder to miss were the giant blue and red tikis decorating the luau that Roger the alien attends later in the episode. Lots of Party City tiki influence apparent here (even more so in the last picture in this post).


I think somebody that works on this show must be into tiki, since this is the third time we’ve found them and I’m sure there are others that we’ve missed. Check out the tikis on “American Dad” Part One and Part Two to refresh your memory.


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Tiki on American Dad: Part Two


Animators seem to enjoy sneaking tikis into scenes, and I enjoy spotting them. (A few examples include The Simpsons, South Park, a previous episode of American Dad, and MTV’s new show Good Vibes, which features a tiki bar decorated with art from Derek Yaniger and Tiki Tony.)


On last Sunday’s episode of American Dad, entitled “A Ward Show,” Stan and Francine sign over custody of their teenage son to Roger, the Roswell alien that lives with them. In celebration of their empty nest, they head to Flash Flood Acres, the largest water park in the universe! The ticket huts were covered in thatch and bamboo and flanked by big tikis.


But there is at least one tiki-themed water park beyond the realm of cartoons. According to James Teitelbaum’s Tiki Road Trip, our own Hurricane Harbor in Valencia has three Moai in an area called Tiki Falls. It’s been at least a decade since I ventured out to Magic Mountain so I don’t really recall. Perhaps a visit should be in store next summer?