Tikis at Sea World, San Diego


After our stop at Freaky Boutiki, Mr. Baseball and I joined the Memorial Day masses at Sea World. (This was part of our San Diego theme park trifecta—San Diego Zoo, Sea World and Wild Animal Park in one weekend. Crazy, yes.)

Apparently, Chez Shamu once had quite a bit of tiki influence, even a Hawaiian Punch Village, but that’s all gone now.

Indeed, this was the only tiki I was able to spot. For shame!

There were also these glass fishing floats decorating the park’s barbecue restaurant (whose name escapes me) and the nearby tree.
Lastly, there was this dude sporting the Grumpy’s Tiki Hut shirt in front of us at one of the shows. You go, dude.

Anyway…who wants to guess which was my favorite animal that we saw at Sea World?  Hint: It was not aquatic. And Mr. Baseball is disqualified from guessing.


2 responses

  1. penguin?
    I really loved the polar bear.
    or was it the pig in the pets show that ran through the brick wall?
    My all american boy and I did the same three parks/three days weekend too and boy was it exhausting.

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