Tiki on “American Dad” Part Four – Mo’ Moai


Cartoon show creator Seth MacFarlane loves to have his animated shows spoof iconic film franchises. “Family Guy” famously parodied “Star Wars,” “Cleveland Show” took on “Die Hard,” and “American Dad” poked fun at James Bond.


On “American Dad,” the lead character Stan Smith is already a CIA agent, so for these episodes the rest of his family takes on spy-inspired roles. His wife Francine becomes femme fatale Sexpun T’Come while Roger the alien is even more evil than usual as supervillain Tearjerker.


The first such installment was “Tearjerker,” season 3 episode 10, which aired in 2008. Now five years later the follow-up “For Black Eyes Only” (season 8 episode 13) ran on March 10, 2013.


In this episode, Agent Stan Smith is pitted against a new nemesis named Black Villain (Principal Lewis on the show). He goes to seek help from former enemy Tearjerker, who is locked up in a maximum security prison on…Easter Island!


Then us viewers are treated to a close-up of these Moai, quite nicely rendered in cartoon form. It’s just more evidence that there must be somebody that works on this show that is into tiki.


If you want to see the scene for yourself, you can watch the whole episode for free on Hulu. (No registration required.)

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Tiki on TV: “Archer” on FX Edition


By now I think we’ve had the following one-sided conversation with practically all our friends and acquaintances: “Do you watch ‘Archer’? You-have-to-watch-Archer-it’s-so-funny-you’ll-love-it-the-first-season-is-on-Netflix-Instant-go-home-and-watch-it-now!”


There’s a warning before each episode telling you there’ll be violence, strong language and adult situations. What more could you want? The title character, Sterling Archer, is like James Bond in cartoon form but way more narcissistic and cocky. (Phrasing!) And also hilarious, as are the rest of the oddballs employed with him at the ISIS spy agency.


There’s a mod 1960’s vibe to the show that I of course enjoy. The ISIS office looks straight out of “Mad Men” — and not just because these characters are also constantly boozing. Sterling’s mother/boss, Malory Archer, has a chair that looks like a variation of the Eames Lounge. The art director talked about his mid-century modern influences in this interview on the Archer production blog.


You can also spot this Moai bookend on the shelf in a lot of the episodes. (There’s your tiki connection, my friends.)


New episodes of “Archer” season three start airing Thursday, January 19 at 10 p.m. on FX. Tune in and spare yourself from me bugging you about it next time we meet. Then we can just talk about how great it is instead.

Tiki on TV: Family Feud Edition

Mr. Baseball and I have a fondness for “Family Feud,” mostly because we think we’d be awesome at it. We’ve spent many a commercial break discussing who from our close kin would make the ideal team. (Sidenote: I love when GSN follows an episode up with “The $25,000 Pyramid”—that theme song makes me dancey!)

This game show was one of the last places I would expect to find anything tiki, but there they were decorating the set in a few Tournament of Champions reruns from when Richard Karn was hosting.

The grand prize was a trip to Hawaii, so they dressed everybody up in Aloha wear and put up some fake palm trees, tikis and surfboards.

There is one thing that always perplexes us about the contestants on “The Feud.” Why would anyone ever pass on a category? Always play! If you ever find yourself on the show, you’ll thank me. Actually, I don’t even know if they’re still filming new episodes…