Tiki Halloween Decorations – Shrunken Head Pumpkin


I’m not normally very crafty, but when I found instructions on how to make a shrunken head pumpkin I decided to give it a go. It was a fun way to add some Halloween decorations to the tiki room in our new house, and it wasn’t too difficult. The most annoying and time-consuming part was poking holes in the top of the foam pumpkin and threading the raffia through them.

INSTRUCTIONS (via Michaels.com)

Materials List:
Small Gourd – White
Multi-Colored Raffia
Craft Foam – White
Wiggle Eyes
Wooden and Colored Beads-Assorted
Exacto Knife
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Step: 1
Cut a hole in bottom of Gourd, large enough to fit your hand inside.

Step: 2
Cut a series of 16 holes in the top, in a circular pattern. These should be large enough to thread double-thick strands of raffia through.

Step: 3
Thread double thickness of raffia down through a hole in the top, and then thread it back up through the hole next to it, so the ends of raffia stick up out of the top of the Gourd like hair. Repeat until all holes are filled. You may use different colored raffia to create a custom look.

Step: 4
Gather raffia into a ponytail at the top of ‘head’, and wrap with loose raffia.

Step: 5 (I skipped this step)
Cut out a bone from white craft foam and hot glue behind wrapped area of raffia.

Step: 6
Draw on face with a pencil, and carefully cut out with Exacto knife. You may carve only the surface to create a relief effect, as shown.

Step: 7
Cut holes on top and bottom of mouth line and thread raffia through the holes to create a stitched mouth.

Step: 8
Hot glue wiggle eyes in place.

Step: 9
Select two strands of raffia toward the front of the ‘head’ and string with wooden and colored beads. Tie a knot in the end and trim to desired length.

Do you put up any tiki-themed Halloween decorations? Tiki Central has a thread on Tiki Bar Halloween Decor that can give you more ideas. Happy Halloween!

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Happy Tiki Halloween!


It’s been hard to get in the Halloween spirit when it’s 80 degrees in LA every day, so I made a little trip out to Halloweentown in Burbank. It’s a year-round source for all things kooky, spooky and…tiki! They even opened a second location down the street just for costumes, so the original store wasn’t as crazy. And that’s where I found this tiki with glowing eyes among the creepy clowns and gravestones.


Meanwhile, the display case up by the cash registers had some awesome Poster Pop stickers by BigToe. The ghoulish girls and tikis in his designs fit right in with the theme here.


I’ve mentioned before that they have some Shag art books in stock (plus the necessary guide Tiki Road Trip) but this was the first time that I spotted Shag wrapping paper. I couldn’t decide between the two designs so I got both. There’s always something new to see (and buy) there!

For more tiki Halloween fun, check out my previous posts on the Halloween Art Show at the Tonga Hut and Enchanted Tiki Room pumpkins at Disneyland. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Art Show at the Tonga Hut

I started off my Halloween festivities over the weekend with a theme-appropriate cocktail at the Tonga Hut: The Zombie (recipe circa 1934), garnished for the occasion with a gummy eyeball and fake finger.

It was the perfect potion to sip while browsing the art that had been brought in for this special Halloween show. Here’s a peek at some of what was on display. (From left: Painting by Kirby and Stephen Sandoval‘s “The Best Candy” & “Rebirth”)

I was blown away by these black velvets by Thor. Although the subject of shrunken heads might not normally be my cup of tea, it’s hard to look away from the golden glow of these paintings.

Eric October has a knack for making tikis look cute, like this happy Ku toasting a Dia de Los Muertos figure. And I love how the scrap wood frame looks with Kirby’s “Skully Brains Cocktail” on the right.

MP found inspiration for this very cool “Keep to the Code” piece from the movie “Treasure Island” and a hot buttered rum. (I could go for one of those right now, if it wasn’t 88 degrees outside!)

Speaking of salty old pirates, I’ve always admired this Cap’n Sqully mug by Squid, so I snapped one up from the Taboo Island tent that was set up in the vending area in the parking lot.

Coming up at the Hut are a Gilligan’s Island-inspired gig on November 21, and the Christmas-themed Tiki Wonderland on December 11. I’ll be there with bells on! (Quite possibly literally.)