Happy Tiki Halloween!


It’s been hard to get in the Halloween spirit when it’s 80 degrees in LA every day, so I made a little trip out to Halloweentown in Burbank. It’s a year-round source for all things kooky, spooky and…tiki! They even opened a second location down the street just for costumes, so the original store wasn’t as crazy. And that’s where I found this tiki with glowing eyes among the creepy clowns and gravestones.


Meanwhile, the display case up by the cash registers had some awesome Poster Pop stickers by BigToe. The ghoulish girls and tikis in his designs fit right in with the theme here.


I’ve mentioned before that they have some Shag art books in stock (plus the necessary guide Tiki Road Trip) but this was the first time that I spotted Shag wrapping paper. I couldn’t decide between the two designs so I got both. There’s always something new to see (and buy) there!

For more tiki Halloween fun, check out my previous posts on the Halloween Art Show at the Tonga Hut and Enchanted Tiki Room pumpkins at Disneyland. Happy Halloween!

Halloween Town – Burbank, CA

Halloween Town in Burbank

Halloween Town in Burbank lives up to its “Nightmare Before Christmas”-esque name—it truly is Halloween here all year round. The store used to be in North Hollywood, but a few years ago they moved to this bigger location and really decked it out. This is what part of the inside looks like!

Halloween decorations

It’s such fun to browse through the rooms while hearing the “Munsters” theme and The Ghastly Ones on the sound system. Unfortunately, I didn’t take very many photos (and the ones I did get were fuzzy).


My favorite items are the vintage-esque goodies like candy jars and cameo necklaces, but they also have tons of costumes, accessories, decorations and a great book section that even has some Shag stuff. So, you might be wondering, “What does all this have to do with tiki?” OK, I’ll get to that…

Cursed on Voodoo Island t-shirt

I found this Rock Steady “Cursed on Voodoo Island” thermal shirt with tikis on it in the sale section for about $20. From what I can tell, it doesn’t seem to have any relation to the Boris Karloff movie “Voodoo Island.”


If you’re in the neighborhood, I’d also suggest a stop at 8-Ball, which is just down the street. Just beware of hitchhiking ghosts!

2921 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505