Happy Halloween!

Halloweentime at Disneyland

For not having acknowledged the holiday until the last six or so years, Disneyland does a bang-up job with HalloweenTime. There’s the amazing “Nightmare Before Christmas”-Haunted Mansion mash-up, and this year they added a “Ghost Galaxy” element to Space Mountain.

Halloween fireworks over the castle

Also new were special Halloween-themed fireworks which featured Disney villains and “Nightmare.” Zero the dog flew across the sky!

Enchanted Tiki Room pumpkins

But my favorite part are the creative carved pumpkins they have decorated in Frontier Land. Gotta love these Enchanted Tiki Room pumpkins! More festive gourds after the jump…


You already knew that I dig Star Wars too. This R2D2 pumpkin is stellar.

Mike Wazowski pumpkin

Mike Wazowski! In pumpkin form.

Caterpillar squash

Whoooooo arrrrrrre yoooooooouuuuuuu?

Mickey Mouse pumpkin

Happy Halloween!

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