Tiki on TV: Family Feud Edition

Mr. Baseball and I have a fondness for “Family Feud,” mostly because we think we’d be awesome at it. We’ve spent many a commercial break discussing who from our close kin would make the ideal team. (Sidenote: I love when GSN follows an episode up with “The $25,000 Pyramid”—that theme song makes me dancey!)

This game show was one of the last places I would expect to find anything tiki, but there they were decorating the set in a few Tournament of Champions reruns from when Richard Karn was hosting.

The grand prize was a trip to Hawaii, so they dressed everybody up in Aloha wear and put up some fake palm trees, tikis and surfboards.

There is one thing that always perplexes us about the contestants on “The Feud.” Why would anyone ever pass on a category? Always play! If you ever find yourself on the show, you’ll thank me. Actually, I don’t even know if they’re still filming new episodes…

Sandbar Sports Grill Has a Tiki But It’s Not a Tiki Bar

While we were in Florida, we visited some of the old haunts from Mr. Baseball’s time at the University of Miami. Coconut Grove was chock full of bars catering to the co-ed crowd, including the Sandbar Sports Grill.

By the light of the neon beer signs, I spotted a tiki—but one tiki and some surfboards does not a tiki bar make. This distinction can be tricky sometimes. People visiting the Tiki-Ti for the first time might not be able to tell just by the look of it that it’s one of the best tiki bars. (Though as soon as they tried a Ray’s Mistake I think that would be apparent.)

But we were looking for a place to watch “The U” football game against Florida State, and not a tiki bar, so Sandbar and all its giant TV screens fit the bill perfectly.

I should have followed Mr. Baseball’s lead and gotten beer, but I decided to adopt some school spirit and ordered the Hurricane. (Miami Hurricanes, get it?) They had them organized by different “categories” and I can only imagine how heinous the Category 5 must be with all its 151. (Surely not Lemon Hart…)

Pizza Oom Mow Mow – California Adventure

I’ve put off posting about the restaurant Pizza Oom Mow Mow at Disneyland’s California Adventure theme park for awhile now. These pictures are actually from last January.

I remember eating here when it first opened, oh, like ten years ago (!). I had no real desire to return, though, until I noticed this surfer dude tiki column at the entrance…

…and his tiki wahine counterpart. They were very cartoony and of course “Disney-fied,” but I thought they were kind of cute. (Especially since I’ve been subjected to far worse.)

The pizzas and pastas—the same served up elsewhere in the park—were pretty bland. I’d much rather go for one of those crazy delicious corn dogs or a po’ boy from Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.

The name was inspired by the doo-wop song “Papa Oom Mow Mow” that was covered by the Beach Boys, to go with the 1960s surf shack vibe they had going on here. (You might recognize the tune better as Family Guy favorite “Surfin’ Bird.”) I really dug all the chunky swag lamps hanging about.

Now this pizza-munching tiki hanging out over the registers reminded me of those weird tikis lurking at the Boutiki at Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Funny how Disney can get it so right and so wrong.

They had some either neat design elements, too, like surf movie posters on the wall and these vintage California postcards. So when we came around this place this place in October, I was shocked to find this:

The restaurant was completely gutted, but that surfin’ tiki was still standing. By December, he was gone. (I wonder if somebody “adopted” him?) Pizza Oom Mow Mow was a casualty of the extensive re-branding they’ve done at the park recently. The space is being turned into Boardwalk Pizza and Pasta, opening this spring.