Sandbar Sports Grill Has a Tiki But It’s Not a Tiki Bar

While we were in Florida, we visited some of the old haunts from Mr. Baseball’s time at the University of Miami. Coconut Grove was chock full of bars catering to the co-ed crowd, including the Sandbar Sports Grill.

By the light of the neon beer signs, I spotted a tiki—but one tiki and some surfboards does not a tiki bar make. This distinction can be tricky sometimes. People visiting the Tiki-Ti for the first time might not be able to tell just by the look of it that it’s one of the best tiki bars. (Though as soon as they tried a Ray’s Mistake I think that would be apparent.)

But we were looking for a place to watch “The U” football game against Florida State, and not a tiki bar, so Sandbar and all its giant TV screens fit the bill perfectly.

I should have followed Mr. Baseball’s lead and gotten beer, but I decided to adopt some school spirit and ordered the Hurricane. (Miami Hurricanes, get it?) They had them organized by different “categories” and I can only imagine how heinous the Category 5 must be with all its 151. (Surely not Lemon Hart…)


Monkeying Around in Miami – The News Cafe

Finally done with Palm Springs, now on to Miami! Also back in October, we spent a day wandering South Beach and gawking at all the Art Deco hotels. (If there’s one era I adore as much as mid-century, it’s the 1920s. I’m a flapper at heart.)

When hunger struck we stopped at the News Café, a touristy al fresco spot also patronized by our once favorite (though now getting annoying) guilty pleasure: “Jersey Shore.”

Mr. Baseball coerced me into getting one of their boat drinks (definitely not in the class of tiki drinks) served in a kitschy coconut monkey. I had wanted to preserve my sobriety for later, but oh well, it’s vacation.

Honestly I don’t even remember what was in it. After that we ended up bargaining over lounge chairs and taking a nap on the beach—it was a pretty perfect afternoon.

Even this California girl was impressed by the beach there. We just don’t have that kind of water clarity (or warmth!). Sidenote: I can hardly contain my excitement for the next post. Maybe you can guess what comes next..