The Brady Bunch Ku Strikes Back – Tiki on The Daily Show: Part Two

Last week it was our typical routine: Mr. Baseball was watching “The Daily Show” while I was on Twitter (and researching for our upcoming London/Paris trip). Then he nudged me to look at the screen because there was a tiki! (I had to laugh, because it wasn’t the first time we’d spotted something tiki with Jon Stewart.)

Anyway, the bit was about Donald Trump and how he’d said he’d found unbelievable things in Hawaii. To illustrate that they photoshopped in a “cursed amulet.”

You might recognize it from that famous episode of “The Brady Bunch” where they go on a Hawaiian vacation and the boys find a tiki idol. (The prop was based on a Ku made by Coco Joe’s.)

However, it brings bad luck to whoever wears it, causing Greg to wipe out while surfing. (Not sure that’s the tiki’s fault though since that happens to everybody who surfs…) So the boys go to return the necklace to the caves and run into a bunch of giant tikis and an archaeologist played by Vincent Price(!).

With such a cool and kitschy pop culture pedigree, it’s no wonder that reproductions of The Brady Brunch tiki are in demand. (They were even worked into an episode of “Scrubs” set in the Bahamas, though the tiki necklaces they featured looked different and weren’t “exact replicas” as claimed.)

Anyway, stay tiki, Jon Stewart!


Tiki on “South Park”

Mr. Baseball’s eagle eye strikes again! On the new “South Park” episode from two nights ago, Jimmy enters his summer camp’s talent show and dons a Hawaiian shirt to put on a ukulele act, complete with “hula girls,” tiki torches and pseudo-tapa fabric decorating the stage.

These neon tiki string lights are my favorite part of the scene. I love the colors! They’re so much neater than some of the real tiki lights that are available on the market….Ahem!