Tiki at the LA County Fair: Part Three

It’s that time of year again: The Fair! (Actually, it’s the end of that time of year because it’s done on Sunday.) This marks the third installment (see part one & part two) of my annual ode to the LA County Fair.

Where else will us city folks get to see an adorable pile of piggies?

And get our daily servings of fruits and vegetables (in fried form?) That’s deep-fried zucchini strings, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and avocados here.

Or watch strapping young lumberjacks compete head to head? Maybe I need to start tuning in to timber sports on ESPN…

And then there’s always the tiki sightings! Like this snazzy fellow propped up to help sell (what else?) jacuzzis and barbecues.

New for this year was an “official” tiki lounge behind the Longboard Bar at the racetrack. However it was only for concert ticketholders so I wasn’t able to verify if there were any actual tikis in there.

And just like last year, we actually stumbled upon yet another tiki cake in the arts & crafts building. I love the sugar sand! Good times all around.


Tiki at the LA County Fair: Part Two

I’ve said it before (last year around this time, actually) and I’ll say it again: I love the fair! The LA County one, to be precise. There’s just something magical about the way the carnival rides look lit up at night.

And it’s one of the few times of year when it’s acceptable to eat things like chocolate covered Oreos wrapped in bacon.

Chicken Charlie usually concocts a few new diabolical desserts, and last year marked the debut of the deep-fried Klondike bar. It was ridiculous in the best way, so melty and gooey. I really hope it returns for 2011.

Then there’s also the random tiki sightings—I do believe this one takes the cake! (Oh yes, I went there.)

I guess many consider tikis as shorthand for “summertime,” so vendors prop them up to get people in the mood to buy jacuzzis and patio grills. These ones are clearly *ahem* inspired by Wayne Coombs.

And even Terry’s Palms & Tikis booth was back for another year, with skull and pirate-themed stuff and painted tiki masks like the kind imported from Indonesia.

The Shrimp Guys were serving up Hawaiian style garlic shrimp, which is kind of funny considering they used an Easter Island moai (complete with topknot) to adorn their booth.

And because I’m so far behind on my blog posts, the fair’s already sneaking up on us again! Why, we’re almost halfway there…

Terry’s Palms & Tikis – LA County Fair

My trifecta of posts about tiki at the L.A. County Fair concludes here. As we were wandering about the outdoor marketplace stalls, we stumbled upon Terry’s Palms & Tikis.

There were tons of tikis and masks in all different sizes and styles, some more aesthetically pleasing to my eye than others.

And also art from Doug Horne—on the top there is “Unquiet Village” from a sold-out limited edition of 100 signed prints, and “Fluffy Gets Busted.” As you can see on the right, Terry’s also diversified with a variety of pirate-themed and skull and crossbones signs.

A few more bamboo-framed prints: “Devil Girl” and “Monkey on Velvet.”

I picked up this small mask on the right for $6 and he’s now gracing one of the walls chez Tiki Chick. The tiki-fication of Mr. Baseball’s pad continues…