Tiki at the LA County Fair – Pomona, CA

The end of summer is usually a bummer, but it also means the return of the Los Angeles County Fair. We always follow one rule: arrive hungry.

A trifecta of fried foods from Chicken Charlie’s: deep-fried artichokes (the ones we had last year from a different vendor were better), deep-fried s’mores (winner!), and a fried chicken sandwich in a Krispy Kreme jelly donut.

With all the bacon air fresheners, bacon jelly beans and other bacon-based items on the market, it’s safe to say that bacon has jumped the shark. But we still had to try the chocolate covered bacon.

There’s also a wine tasting tent where you can put together your own sampling flights. (This is California, after all.)

Then there’s the carnival rides that give you plenty of opportunities to lose that aforementioned lunch…

So what does all this have to do with tiki? Well, here’s the cheap tie-in to my blog’s theme.

A pony named tiki! Actually, I did find quite a bit of tiki at the LA County Fair, you’ll just to have to check back for it in my next few posts….More cute animals and ridiculous fair food after the jump!

Moo-moos! (Sorry, I’ve been hanging out with Mr. Baseball’s baby niece all week.)

The chocolate covered cotton candy is definitely something to get again next year. Our other faves are the chocolate covered Oreos and Dr. Bob’s ice cream.

I was very much against ordering the chocolate covered pickle but it was actually not as disgusting as I had imagined. I think that’s because the flavors didn’t really mingle—you could only really taste one or the other.

What ya feel like after a day at the fair!


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  1. Hey tikichick,

    Just came across your site as I was searching for a cool place to go when we hit Pomona for the Grand National Roadster show in three weeks. I would LOVE a tiki place (I am building my own tiki bar in my house as we speak) but anything kind of funky around there would be cool too. We are from Canada so don’t know the area at all. Everything I’ve found online seems to be closed now. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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