Tiki on “The Simpsons”: Part Three

IMG_7766After the Trader Joe’s spoof, I didn’t think I’d be spotting tikis on “The Simpsons” for awhile. But I was proved wrong by the episode “A Totally Fun Thing that Bart Will Never Do Again,” which aired on April 29.

IMG_7775The Simpsons take a family vacation on a cruise, and the ship hosts a South Pacific Pool Party complete with a beachy backdrop, tiki torches and a tiki table centerpiece that looks sort of Mayan to me (though I’m no expert on pre-Columbian sculpture).

IMG_7777Earlier in the episode there’s a musical number with the lyric: “Here Hawaiian shirts are cool; back home, well, not so much,” while later the disgraced cruise director laments, “After this I’ll be lucky to get work on a clothing-optional Jimmy Buffett cruise.” Leave it to “The Simpsons” to go for the clichés. Well, at least they didn’t refer to tiki as tacky.

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