Psycho Suzi’s Patio – A Riverfront Paradise


Part two of my ode to Psycho Suzi’s in Minneapolis continues with their patio. I love that there’s dark, atmospheric tiki bars here but also a tropical-style setting where you can enjoy the sunshine and water when the weather is right (probably not now, though).


According to this informative StarTribune article, the 7,000-square-foot terrace can seat more than 300 people. There’s a thatched hut plus lots of palapa umbrellas, tiki torches and a big Ku (photo below).


It may look familiar if you watched the season premiere of “Bizarre Foods” that aired last week. In this Twin Cities episode, host Andrew Zimmern and Psycho Suzi’s owner Leslie Bock were judges for a hot dish cooking competition so the show did a quick intro about her tiki bar.


Just like in the adjacent dining room there were some things I recognized from the original location of Psycho Suzi’s, such as these Moai that are now clustered together back to back.


A sign said “Seat yourself” and I can imagine that in the summertime there’s a lot of competition over snagging the best seats. The temperature was in the 60s or so during our visit but some folks were out there making the best of it. I’m sure the rum in a tiki drink or two could help ward off the chill.


You can have a front row seat for the Mississippi River, and the goings-on at the scrapyard directly across from the restaurant.


In the spring there’s going to be a dock where skippers can leave their boats and stop in for some grog. (Something to keep in mind as the parking lot out front can get rather full…)


It was neat to spot a Mai Tiki by the outside entrance to the terrace. I have a somewhat similar one that we picked up at the Wayne Coombs’ gallery in Cocoa Beach, Florida.


Not only are four-legged friends welcome on the patio, but they even have three different kinds of dog food available for them. Just when I thought this place couldn’t get any more awesome I’d find another thoughtful touch like this.


After a leisurely lunch and browse through the gift shop, there was still a few more hours until the Shangri-la tiki bars upstairs opened. It was a gorgeous day so we explored the nearby Old St. Anthony district and Nicollet Island before heading BACK to Psycho Suzi’s. We weren’t quite ready to head back to reality just yet…



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  1. I wish I could travel to all the cool places you seem to venture to. None of my friends are tikiphiles, so alas I either have to beg someone to go or go by myself.
    This place looks fun. I’m adding it to my list of tiki places. The dog treat machines were super cute too.

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