Wayne Coombs’ Mai Tiki Studio

Mai Tiki sign

And, finally, part two of my post about Wayne Coombs’ Mai Tiki Studio and Gallery in Cocoa Beach, Florida…

Palms outside the Mai Tiki Studio

Outside, a couple of palm trees were propped up against the wall, waiting to meet their destiny of being carved into tikis.

Tiki fountain

After browsing through the gallery, we also got to take a look in the studio. This is where the magic happens! That big guy was in the process of being molded into a giant tiki fountain.

More tikis

Wayne Coombs himself was there that day and it was awesome to chat with him. Of course, I was having such a good time that I forgot to get a photo op. 🙂

Thatched tiki hut

A pretty impressive thatched hut out in the back—would have been perfect for taking shelter during a sudden storm, like the one that you can see happened while we were there. Though I suppose in Florida it’s not so much “sudden” as “inevitable.”


I really loved the juxtaposition of this tiki and the “Casablanca” mural next door. Can it be just a coincidence that he and Humphrey have similar expressions and hand positioning?

Go Ahead...Make Mai Day

Editor’s Note: Wayne Coombs passed away in September 2012. The Mai Tiki gallery closed its doors in November 2013, following a celebration of Coombs’ 40 years of art at the Space Coast Art Festival in Cocoa Beach.


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