Tiki in the Wilds of Minnesota

Minnesoda Ice Cream Fountain vintage sign

I love vintage signs, and I love puns, so of course I adored this Minnesoda Ice Cream Fountain we stumbled upon over the summer on our trip to the lake. (I caught a fish, remember?)

Old Liberty Shoppe in Park Rapids, Minnesota

The Main Street of Park Rapids (four hours or so north of Minneapolis) has a bunch of neat, old-school marquees like that, but it was the retro window dressing that drew me in to the Old Liberty Shoppe.

Dream cabin in the woods

The bottom floor was decorated with classic Americana (patriotic bunting, and everything), while upstairs was furnished like your dream rustic cabin in the woods.

Retro metal signs

And so this was one of the last places I expected to find something tiki, but among the usual ribald, retro-style signs, I found this! (Thankfully this wasn’t the only tiki to be found in Minnesota, more to come.)

The Tiki Hut sign

Tiki Things at Pier 1 Imports


My dear friend Curiouslaydee tipped me off that Pier 1 Imports had a selection of tiki wares for the summer, so of course I had to go check it out.


The Pasadena location I went to had everything in a display up front. I wasn’t too impressed with these cartoon-y signs ($17 a piece), but some of their other items were pretty nice.


Like this “vintage tiki” sign ($10), as it’s billed on their web site, which led me to find this somewhat bizarre copywriting gem: “Having a giant, living tiki man at your doorway is one option. But these Vintage Tiki Signs are much cuter, more welcoming, and way easier to find.” Mmm…ok.


These colorful tiki napkins and toucan plates will be perfect for the debut of my tiki bar, which perhaps may actually happen now that I’m back from gallivanting around Chicago and Orlando (with plenty tiki things to post about).


I adored these parrot photo holders, they reminded me of their fine feathered friends from The Enchanted Tiki Room. Four bucks a pop, if I read that price tag correctly.


I also thought their tropical table setting was lovely, especially the brocade patter on the chairs. Too bad that glass pineapple-shaped votive holder alone will set you back $30.