Tiki in the Wilds of Minnesota

Minnesoda Ice Cream Fountain vintage sign

I love vintage signs, and I love puns, so of course I adored this Minnesoda Ice Cream Fountain we stumbled upon over the summer on our trip to the lake. (I caught a fish, remember?)

Old Liberty Shoppe in Park Rapids, Minnesota

The Main Street of Park Rapids (four hours or so north of Minneapolis) has a bunch of neat, old-school marquees like that, but it was the retro window dressing that drew me in to the Old Liberty Shoppe.

Dream cabin in the woods

The bottom floor was decorated with classic Americana (patriotic bunting, and everything), while upstairs was furnished like your dream rustic cabin in the woods.

Retro metal signs

And so this was one of the last places I expected to find something tiki, but among the usual ribald, retro-style signs, I found this! (Thankfully this wasn’t the only tiki to be found in Minnesota, more to come.)

The Tiki Hut sign


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