Who is The Tiki Chick?

at the Mai-Kai, Fort Lauderdale, FL in my Polynesia Greetings dress

“One quickly moves from a collector to a curator,
a designer, a bartender,
a host and historian
sharing tales of tiki palaces young and old
and stories of the most recent acquisitions.”

Tiki Quest by Duke Carter

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And check out how I turned a closet into a tiki hut mug display!


39 responses

  1. Hello there,

    We are looking for photos of the Don the Beachcomber (formerly Tonga Lei) that used to sit where our hotel is currently located at 22878 PCH in Malibu. It was torn down in the 80’s.

    We’ve found photos of the building when it was Tonga Lei, but we’d love to find one of the exterior when it was actually Don the Beachcomber. We found your site (what fun!) and thought you might be able to help…?

    We’d be so very appreciative if you have any tips or suggestions!

    Many thanks1

  2. Hi Tiki Chick,
    Thanks for a great website and wonderful commentary. I am the proud owner of the moai shown on page 81 in
    The Night of the Tiki Book. Leroy Schmaltz carved it for me back in 1997. He (the moai not leroy) now resides regally in my living room. I would be happy to send you a pic of him . Glad to have found your blog and keep up the great work

  3. I work at a great establishment in a town called Ortonville, MI called Bullfrogs Bar & Grill. We have a brand new Tiki Bar that is pretty big and with a great lakeview. Always looking for great advertising and reviews how can I get on your website?

  4. Dear tikichic,

    Great website, which I just stumbled upon as I was researching the CALIENTE TROPICS Motel in Palm Springs.

    My girlfriend and I live in Vancouver, BC CANADA…and we are planning a vacation/road trip thru California this coming early August. We want to spend a few days in Palm Springs, culminating with the Peter Frampton concert on the 3rd of August in nearby Riverside, CA…

    Anyhow, my query to you is: what did you think about your stay at the Caliente Tropics Motel ? Is there any restaurants or bars LEFT on the premises ? Is it all run down due to a lack of interest (and respect for) the motel’s history ?

    I’m aware of the Motel’s history…And it seems like its been well-maintained by the current owners, but I am questioning this due to other tiki posts I’ve read as I have been doing my research.

    Any info you could provide me would be most appreciated !!

    Thx kindly !
    Mitchell & Elaine

      • Wow, thank you! I didn’t know anyone even looked at my site. I’m starting to get a little more traffic these days. I guess that’s what happens when you actually post stuff! I just saw your Mai Tai Bar post for Lahaina. My gf and I are going there in Nov and I’ll check it out. Anyway, great to meet you digitally. 🙂

  5. It was an honor to meet you in person at Tiki Farm Wednesday morning.  I enjoyed talking with you while waiting in line for the goods. 🙂
    I love the Tiki Chick blog!  Thank you for sharing your tiki adventures abroad with your fellow enthusiasts.  Perhaps I will see you at Tiki Farm’s big event in November…

    Trader Dan

  6. Love this blog! I had to buy a couple of episodes (via amazon video) from your Tiki TV section. Great stuff. Not sounding like a self promoter but you should check out southseascinema.org we have a serious web page there titled South Seas TV (aka or as you call it Tiki TV). If you like it would you consider adding it to your Essentials list (links)? Keep up the good work and keep the Tiki’s coming!

  7. Mahalo nui. We have a couple members of our Sciety in L.A. so they send some neat e-flyers from the Egyptian about those South Seas movie nights. I told you the site was serious, about 15 years of research from 4 guys. Thanks for checking it out. I think in the furture we will have a pure Tiki section with a bunch of Tiki screen captures like you have.

    I’ll be checking your site regularly – everyone keep watching for Tiki on TV and report it here to the Tiki Chick.

    Thanks again, from the Home of Tiki, Hawaii

  8. Hello Tikichick,
    Would it be possible to send an e-mail to you? Can you be contacted at an e-mail address through this website?
    I’ve been receiving your postings since the beginning of this year. Thanks for the good work.

  9. Really awesome blog. I borrowed some of your pictures from Tiki No. I credited you on the pictures. I also left a link to your blog, so you might get some traffic from it. Please let me know if it is okay that I used the pictures.

  10. Dear Tiki Chick,
    My name is Lidia Medina and I am with the World Spa & Travel magazine’s
    marketing team. World Spa & Travel is a luxury travel magazine devoted to
    bringing our readers & new refreshing content while building a
    community of like-minded individuals. Our company launched a blog last
    week! I came across your blog and loved it!I was wondering if you were
    interested in writing some blog posts depending on your availability.
    Our website is http://www.theworldspa.com and the blog is under “Travel
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    Feel free to message me any questions!

    All the best,


  11. Aloha! Early yesterday at a New York health club’s daycare facility I turned a “Crusin’ Exotica” arcade game 90° so that its tiki chick, who bears a remarkable resemblance to a former club worker (a Bhutanese gal), would no longer face the wall, as she had for over a year.
    And yesterday evening, the former club worker posted photos of her wedding engagement ceremony on facebook. Tiki charm!

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