Monkeying Around in Miami – The News Cafe

Finally done with Palm Springs, now on to Miami! Also back in October, we spent a day wandering South Beach and gawking at all the Art Deco hotels. (If there’s one era I adore as much as mid-century, it’s the 1920s. I’m a flapper at heart.)

When hunger struck we stopped at the News Café, a touristy al fresco spot also patronized by our once favorite (though now getting annoying) guilty pleasure: “Jersey Shore.”

Mr. Baseball coerced me into getting one of their boat drinks (definitely not in the class of tiki drinks) served in a kitschy coconut monkey. I had wanted to preserve my sobriety for later, but oh well, it’s vacation.

Honestly I don’t even remember what was in it. After that we ended up bargaining over lounge chairs and taking a nap on the beach—it was a pretty perfect afternoon.

Even this California girl was impressed by the beach there. We just don’t have that kind of water clarity (or warmth!). Sidenote: I can hardly contain my excitement for the next post. Maybe you can guess what comes next..


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