Boutiki at Disney’s Polynesian Resort – Orlando, FL

Boutiki at Disney's Polynesian Resort

Ok, this is the last post about Disney World’s Polynesian Resort, I promise. I hesitated to include it, but it’s such a tiki train wreck, starting with these mischievous fellows with the crazy bulging eyes.



Ugly tikis at the Polynesian Resort

I think these monstrosities are playing hide and seek in the store.

Polynesian Resort print

Aside from those giant ugly tikis, this is actually a great store. It had a bunch of merchandise tailored to the Polynesian Resort, like prints, mugs, t-shirts, etc. It was a nice change since all the shops at Disney World seem to carry most of the same stuff.

Disney World Polynesian Resort Shirt

I loved this design and had to get the shirt—you may remember that it’s Shag-approved! Mickey and Stitch make cameos, obviously, but I just noticed that Donald Duck might be in there too.


EDITOR’S NOTE: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has been undergoing extensive renovations in 2014, so consider this post a time capsule.