A Tiki Bar in the Galapagos?


Most of my vacations are planned around visiting as many tiki bars in the area as possible, but not my most recent destination: The Galapagos.


Instead, we admired the unique shell shapes of the saddleback tortoises for which the islands are named…


snorkeled with curious sea lions and indifferent sharks


tried not to accidentally step on the marine iguanas in heaps of hundreds at our feet on Fernandina…


marveled at the seeming absurdity of penguins living on the equator…


and witnessed the mating dance of the aptly named blue-footed boobies.


We spent a week on the National Geographic Islander and had little contact with civilization aside from a day spent on Santa Cruz. We strolled along the “T-Shirt Mile” in Puerto Ayora, where you can stock up on all your “I Love Boobies” souvenir needs. (Or “I Love Bobbies” for the tourists that aren’t so sharp-eyed.)


I did a doubletake when I saw a sign for Honu Tiki Restaurant in bamboo letters. A tiki bar in the Galapagos?! According to their Facebook page, which has a nice logo featuring Moai mugs, it made its debut in August 2012. I know “honu” means “turtle” in Hawaiian but some sources say it can also refer to the land tortoise, so it’s fitting that they named the tiki bar after one of the most iconic animals in the Galapagos. (It also happens to be down the street from the giant tortoise breeding center at the Charles Darwin Research Station.)


As they weren’t open at the time, I unfortunately wasn’t able to experience it for myself. However I could still get a look at the covered patio from the sidewalk. I didn’t see any carved tikis but there do appear to be some colorful tikis stenciled on the gray wall in the back, plus plenty of bamboo chairs and a tropical mural. Perhaps my next trip to the Galapagos actually will revolve around visiting a tiki bar.


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