Tiki Wonderland at the Tonga Hut

Tiki Wonderland flyer

It was sort of surreal to sit in a tiki bar and listen to Bing Crosby’s rendition of “Let it Snow” while it was over 70 degrees outside. But that’s what we were doing on Saturday at the annual Tiki Wonderland event at the Tonga Hut.

Tiki Wonderland cocktail at the Tonga Hut

Every person that brought a gift to donate to the Toys for Tots drive got a free Tiki Wonderland cocktail garnished with a mini candy cane. Later I ordered the Little Buddy, which Kelly created last month in honor of “Gilligan’s Island,” and it was all kinds of deliciousness. I hope it keeps making encore appearances!

Tonga Hut tiki mugs

The real hot ticket were these Tonga Hut tiki mugs, made by Kirby and Grog, that made their debut that night. (The two artist proofs are shown above.) They’re based on the moai that stands at the entrance, cracks and all.

Mele Kalikimaka signs by Lake Surfer

Lake Surfer (who hails from Wisconsin, hence the alias) had these very cool carved Mele Kalikimaka signs, and I snapped one up for the tiki room, along with a tiki ornament. I can’t help but adore tiki-holiday mashups.

Tonga Hut fountain

Even the Tonga Hut’s fountain was in a festive spirit and donned one of Eric October‘s Tiki Bob Santa hats, complete with a fluffy green fish float on the end.


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  1. I love your blog, but you’re killing me!!! Most of your posts talk about some really cool event that anyone can go to, but you talk about it after the fact. Could you please PLEASE tell us when new events are coming up.

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