Terry’s Palms & Tikis – LA County Fair

My trifecta of posts about tiki at the L.A. County Fair concludes here. As we were wandering about the outdoor marketplace stalls, we stumbled upon Terry’s Palms & Tikis.

There were tons of tikis and masks in all different sizes and styles, some more aesthetically pleasing to my eye than others.

And also art from Doug Horne—on the top there is “Unquiet Village” from a sold-out limited edition of 100 signed prints, and “Fluffy Gets Busted.” As you can see on the right, Terry’s also diversified with a variety of pirate-themed and skull and crossbones signs.

A few more bamboo-framed prints: “Devil Girl” and “Monkey on Velvet.”

I picked up this small mask on the right for $6 and he’s now gracing one of the walls chez Tiki Chick. The tiki-fication of Mr. Baseball’s pad continues…


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  1. Carved tiki masks for $6-$10?!

    You wouldn’t happen to remember who that vendor was, would you? I’d love to get my hands on any of those three tikis in the last photo… especially at such a captain-friendly price!


  2. I should follow up that last post to clarify my nonsense…

    I’m guessing the vendor is “Jerry’s Palms & Tikis” — the real question is if you’d know where I might locate this gentleman of whom you’ve blogged.

    Thanks again.

  3. Hey Cap’n,

    After a little more background research, I realized that it’s actually Terry’s (not Jerry’s, oops) Palms & Tikis (though unfortunately that development hasn’t made him any easier to find on Google).

    I typed “tiki” on the LA County Fair’s vendor search (http://www.lacountyfair.com/2010/FoodandShopping/ViewProductVendors.asp) and it brought up the name and location of the booth (from last year). If you check back at that site in a few months you might be able to find out if he’ll be returning this year.

  4. Where’s your Facebook page? I was searching FB, so I could ‘like’ you and tell my friends and family about your merchandise.

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