Tiki on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

Jon Stewart on The Daily Show

I tend to like Stephen Colbert and his antics a bit more than “The Daily Show,” but Jon Stewart’s sketch on the November 12 episode won him some love back. In this bit, His Dreaminess was settling in at home to watch some Fox News with a teddy bear, some snacks and….a tiki mug!

Plastic tiki mugs

Yeah, it’s a pink plastic number with a squiggly straw rather than a bonafide mug, but it was fun to spot anyway. Plus it had a pineapple garnish! Props to the prop master for incorporating tiki into my second-favorite fake news show.


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  1. I Have these!! You can get them for super cheap at Oriental trading company online. I threw a Tiki Party and didn’t want to give the guests ceramic tiki mugs for fear of them breaking them.

    And.. they’re HUGE!! So their visits to the bar were less frequent, freeing me up to pluck on my ukulele more! LOL!

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