Tiki Bars in San Diego

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The Goof on top of Bali Hai Restaurant
Bali Hai with The Goof on the roof

San Diego Tiki Bars:

Bali Hai, San Diego – Classic tiki restaurant with beautiful views of the bay and city beyond.

Cat Eye Club – This 60’s-style lounge offers a tiki-influenced cocktail menu — but the decor is not very tropical.

Outside of Trader Mort’s Liquor Store

Tiki Places in San Diego:

Trader Mort’s Liquor Store, San Diego – A good spot to stock up on rum on Shelter Island.

Freaky Boutiki, San Diego – This impressively decorated shop has a great selection of tiki goods, aloha shirts, jewelry, carvings and more, not to mention tiki mugs.

California Surf Museum, Oceanside – Part of the collection is a tiki that rival surf gangs stole back and forth from each other, but it’s not always on display.

Crowne Plaza San Diego – Although it’s gotten less tiki through the years, this hotel still has tikis from Stephen Crane’s Luau restaurant. It’s also the site of the annual Tiki Oasis event.

Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn

Giant Moai at the bar at Mister Tiki Mai Tai Lounge

Gone But Not Forgotten:

Mister Tiki Mai Tai Lounge, San Diego – I miss this fun, colorful tiki bar filled with Bosko tikis — and its great happy hour.


6 responses

  1. Hello, I’m a Fan and a avid follower, do you have any advise related to my wife and I attending the Tiki Oasis for the first time next year? Mahalo, Steve

  2. @Steve, decide how much you want to spend and see. Its expensive to get the 3/4 day pass. There are events going from morning to night. Its free to hang out at the pool and in the common areas. To fully experience it and if you have deep pockets or are visiting san diego get a room in the hotel.

  3. Enjoyed your site. Next time you get down to San Diego you should check out Fairweather. Outdoor rooftop bar with great tiki drinks and views of the ballpark

  4. I’m near San Diego. I’m checking out 2 Tiki Bars this week for my b-day.
    False Idol on Beech Street (Little Italy) and The Grass Skirt in PB.
    I’m going to get some ideas for a DIY Tiki room.

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