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  1. Hiya Tiki Chick! If you come to Vegas, Jubilee is about as close as it gets to old school showgirls now that the Folies has closed. However, I hear that Forty Deuce has some great old school inspired burlesque. (I haven’t been so can’t vouch personally. Here’s the website: http://fortydeuce.com/

    Check out the vegas guide I wrote for Design Sponge- I’m sure there are lots of things you’ll want to check out. Don’t miss the Neon Museum!


    Love your blog and your Hawaiian style. So much fun!



  2. Your first post just appeared on Urbanspoon! Check it out:


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    You’ll find some interesting badges and widgets there. Let me know if you have any questions.

  3. Thank you for this excellent site/blog!

    It’s great to have glimpses of these wonderful tiki destinations (most of which I could never hope to visit myself).

    I especially appreciate the degree of detail with which you cover the locations (the outstanding writing & numerous photos).

    Please keep up the good work! 🙂

  4. Hey Tiki Chick,

    Couldn’t find an email address so have to use this forum to send this. My Pop is a long-time frequenter of Trader Vics here in LA (going back to the late 50s). He acquired a taste for suffering bastards. He also got to be good friends with the bartenders. He managed to amass a collection of Mai Tai mix, the real thing they use in the bar, not the crap they sell at stores, over the years, but he didn’t make sufferings fast enough to use the mix. I’ve got close to two dozen bottles of the stuff that I need to get rid of. All of this stuff is past its expiration date, some dated as far back as 2000. I’ve been making sufferings with old mix for years and I think it is generally ok, though I think the flavor has probably altered over time.

    At any rate, I’ve got enough of the stuff myself at home that I don’t need this and I’m going to toss it in the dumpster unless there is someone that would like it. I’d be happy to give it to anyone who wanted to drop by. I’d even toss in a Trader Vics Salt and Pepper shaker.

    We’re in Sherman Oaks. If you or any of your readers are interested, please give a holler. I apologize for hijacking your comments for this – I really wanted to drop you a line to see if you had interest or thought anyone else would.


  5. Hi Tiki Chick-

    I love your blog-too bad I’m just now finding it!

    I’m glad you included the Bali Hai restaurant here in San Diego. It’s even more tiki-chic-i now that it’s been completely remodeled. The Mai Tais haven’t changed though, They’re still powerful enough to make your lips numb after only one.

    One place you should know about is “Mainlander’s Mega Tiki Store”. They claim it’s the largest Tiki store in the world. It’s 3 stories of tropical heaven, at 6195 University Ave, SD. Their web site is either http://www.Mainlanders.org, or http://www.TropicalTikis.com. Worth checking out when you’re in Southern Cal.

    We’re looking forward to your next update!

  6. Tiki Chick, I salute you!

    I’ve read your blog from start to finish and have a great time following you on your adventures.

    I am originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but never made the journey to the Tonga Room, much to my regret. I was surprised to see the picture you took of the Tonga Room’s sign included an amateur radio QSL card (… the one that says VR5PL). In addition to celebrating all things tiki, I’m an amateur radio fanatic. It is not often the two interests collide. Do you have a better quality picture of the Tonga Room sign than the one posted on your blog? If so, could you email it to me.

    The Major
    Camp Red Cloud, Republic of Korea

    P.S. The only other intersection I have found between tiki and amateur radio is the drink: Three Dots and a Dash (that’s Morse code for the letter ‘V’)… delicious!

  7. Hi there –

    Fun site.
    I launched a nearly identical one waaaay back in 1995, called Tiki Bar Review Pages. I went all over the world, visited tiki bars, and wrote about the results. It was the first tiki site on the entire internet.

    I took that site down when the book version appeared (Tiki Road Trip) in 2003 (and again in 2007 in a revised edition).

    So fun to come to your pages and see someone else picking up the concept. Surreal to read your take on the same places I visited and discussed years ago, and in the same format.

    Right now, I am finishing a book called Destination: Cocktails, it is the same concept as my old site/books but all high-end craft cocktail bars instead of tiki. It will be out in spring, 2012.

    Drop me a line next time you make it to Chicago.
    We shall hoist a Zombie together.

    James T.

    • Hi James, big fan here. I’ve mentioned your book many a time, it inspired me to get into tiki in the first place. Looking forward to the new project. I’ll let you know next time I’m in chicago!

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