Tiki on “Terminator”

This month, Mr. Baseball and Netflix have been catching me up on famous movie franchises before we go see their re-launches. Part one was “Star Trek: Wrath of Kahn,” followed by “Terminator” and a few others.

So, imagine my surprise when about halfway through the movie, we see this!—The Tiki Motel, aka the where the magic happens that creates John Connor. Indeed, the tiki sighting was so unexpected that I neglected to crop out all of the word “Pause.”


Of course, there weren’t any actual tikis, besides the one in the name. And though the motel is still around twenty-five years later, the original signs don’t seem to have been so lucky, at least not according to Google Maps.


Some die-hard “Terminator” enthusiasts, The Arnold Fans, recently made a pilgrimage out to 7301 Santa Fe Ave. in Huntington Park and chronicled the Tiki Motel at length. Thanks for saving me a trip, guys.