Tiki on “American Dad”


Mr. Baseball told me he had something to show me the other day, and I figured it was a web gem or photobomb or something on “this is why you’re fat,” but no—it was a tiki! On “American Dad,” no less. Kind of looks like a totem pole with its two heads, and it could be classified as “Disney style” because it’s unorthodox-ly painted à la the tikis in The Enchanted Tiki Room.

This was the scene:

Roger: “And here’s a giant tiki statue that cries booze. Five tears will have you on your ass. Ten tears will have you on my ass!”

For context, Roger the alien was creating the best spring break ever in his backyard, and he included that tiki along with a lazy river of beer and other alcoholic shenanigans.

Actually, I think it’s pretty ugly and would certainly not have it in my backyard…unless it really did cry booze.