A Team Trivia Tangent (Somewhat Related to Tiki)

At our weekly pub trivia, the categories I shine on are usually related to chefs/food or reality television. But this week we had a “Lost in Paradise” themed round where some of my accumulated tiki knowledge actually came in handy.

One of the questions was ‘Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, is located on what island?’ Yeah, you probably already know this from Geography class or traveling or just basic common sense, but how was I so sure it was Tahiti? Because I remembered reading about the Papeete Room from Stephen Crane’s Ports O’ Call restaurants! (Each of the four dining rooms was inspired by an “exotic” locale—the others were Saigon, Macao and Singapore.)

Another question was something to the effect of ‘On what island was the British explorer Captain Cook killed by natives?’ I can’t really pinpoint the source of why I guessed Hawaii (though I wasn’t sure of which particular island), but I lucked out in that it actually was Hawaii (the Big Island).

Yep, this is all somewhat off-topic but I just felt like sharing. It’s not often that I can answer something that stumps my teammates!