Giveaway – Win a 1961 Hawaiian Islanders XL T-shirt!

Hello, loyal Tiki Chick readers! It is the famed(?) Mr. Baseball here. I’m excited to be guest blogging for the lovely Tiki Chick. Why would she turn over a blog to someone who doesn’t even know the ingredients of a simple Mai Tai — there’s rum in there, right? Simple: I have a gift for you! No, it’s not a limited edition Tiki Farm mug or even a Bamboo Ben shelf (look at me, talkin’ the talk!). You see, I enjoy classic baseball history — and not just because my team hasn’t won anything since 1908. I wear old-school stirrups when I play ball and wear vintage logos and designs when out in public. Catch me at the next tiki event that my lady drags — uh, I mean “brings” me to and you’ll probably see me checking box scores on my phone while wearing my 1914 Cubs hat.

Long story short, I ordered a 1961 Hawaiian Islanders t-shirt to go along with my collection.


It’s not only an awesome logo for a forgotten minor league affiliate, but also somewhat tiki related! (The Tiki Chick says it’s Hawaiiana.) Unfortunately for me, I ordered the wrong size. It’s an XL, which due to my oddly small framed, yet 6’2 body, t-shirt Large and XL sizes sometimes run too big or too small. This one runs big. After a shipping/returns mixup, they told me to keep the shirt. Freakin’ sweet! I then offered it to The Tiki Chick as a prize for one of her readers.

So here’s the contest: Come up with a clever name for a new Hawaiian baseball team.

Or, if creativity isn’t your thing, tell The Tiki Chick that you are big and tall and that you would like the XL Hawaiian Islanders shirt. If you’re lucky, I’ll even throw in a baseball card of me, Mr. Baseball, in action! It captures what I do best: Struggling through a Cubs fantasy camp while trying to relive my glorious athletic youth with a bad shoulder and poor eating habits. Collect all…one!

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment and we will choose the winner randomly after Tuesday, September 4. (Readers that submit Hawaiian baseball team names will be assigned an extra entry in the giveaway for incentive.)

Good Luck and Mahalo!

NOTE: If you love baseball too, check out other vintage shirts, uniforms and various other throwbacks at Those people are amazing at what they do, and they have a ton of cool stuff.


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