Tiki on TV: “What Happened Last Night?” Jack in the Box Commercial


I’ll just admit that I’m phoning in this last post of the year (but I’ve got some awesome stuff in the works for 2012). I stumbled across this photo in my archives last night — it’s from a Jack in the Box commercial from several months ago dubbed “What Happened Last Night?” (Check it out on YouTube.)

Straight out of “The Hangover,” these two disheveled gentlemen wake up with no memories of the past night of debauchery. Their only clues are a receipt and the accompanying hamburger wrappers and trash. (I can only assume they were drinking rum, as there’s also a tiki mug on the table. Aren’t I a regular Sherlock Holmes?) Suddenly they realize they’re not alone…


Out of all the fast food mascots you could find in your living room, I guess Jack wouldn’t be so bad. Anybody would be better than The King


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