Top 10 Most Interesting Search Engine Terms of the Year

WordPress’s site statistics can be quite entertaining. It’s fun to see exactly what brought people to my blog. I’d say 99% of the time, it’s folks looking for more information on a particular tiki bar, but sometimes it’s for something slightly more odd. So in honor of the second anniversary of my blog, I wanted to share with you some of my more interesting search engine terms from the past year or so…

golden girls props sale (Was that you, G-ma’s Bakery?)

hello kitty sexy (Creepy)

star wars convention nerds (Hey, they had pretty rad costumes)

is bob chinn’s restaurant haunted (I’ve gotten this one a couple times actually—now I’m curious)

unofficial frankie’s tiki room drinks
(Once again, I want to know about this too)

prohibition bar in disneyland in california (Don’t know about that, but they are building a tiki bar at Disneyland)

gilligan’s island decorating ideas (I have three words for you: bamboo, bamboo, bamboo. And Oceanic Arts, so make that five words.)

chocolate covered cotton balls (We do eat some crazy stuff at the fair, but not that)

chikago traider vics mai tai foto (Of all the words in this phrase I’m shocked that Mai Tai is what’s spelled correctly)

hot tiki chicks (*blushes*)


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