Pufferfish, Clownfish and Jellyfish, Oh My!

Rather than brave the early morning madness to see the annual Rose Parade in action (yep, this post is five months late), we always make a trip out to Pasadena to check out the floats after the fact. They line them all up on a street and you can walk right up and see all the individual flowers and seeds (and admire the crazy attention to detail).

Among the vendors catering to the herded masses was a Maui Wowee stand serving up smoothies. At first glance I didn’t notice anything particularly tiki about it beyond the thatched hut, bits of bamboo and faux tapa pattern.

But then Mr. Baseball piped up, “Hey, it’s the Jon Stewart tiki mugs!” And indeed, there they were for the folks that cared to shell out $8.50 for their beverage instead of $6.50.

The only other thing from the Rose Parade that I can tangentially connect to tiki is this under-the-sea-themed float with a small school of pufferfish (in pre-lamp form).


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