Thrift Score: Part Two

I don’t go thrift store shopping very often, so it was nice to go last weekend with CuriousLaydee (she’s a magnet for good finds). After an appointment at Frenchy’s Beauty Parlor and some pastries at Porto’s, we headed to the American Way Thrift Store in Burbank (which also happens to be near 8-Ball, Halloweentown and other neat stores). I picked up these two rattan items—and the store has special pricing on Saturdays so they were 30% off.

I think it would be fun to turn them into lamps, but if I don’t end up getting motivated I can always use them for their originally intended purposes (mini side table and trash can). Here’s what one of the pieces looks like in my in-progress tiki room. Yeah, I have white walls…deal with it! 😉


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