Tonga Hut Parking Lot Sale

Tonga Hut in North Hollywood

I’m altering the space/time continuum (or something) here on my blog to skip ahead to the Tonga Hut Parking Lot Sale the weekend before last. I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make this event, but I live so close by that I thought I’d make a quick stop…

Crazy Al tiki mugs

My buddy Bri accompanied me and I believe she was bowled over by the amount of cool stuff and artistic talent on display. I had enlisted her to be my voice of reason while browsing, but she kept insisting “Buy it! Buy it!” on most things. (Although after she left I didn’t really need much encouraging to continue that trend…)

Crazy Al tiki lightswitch plates

I’m currently decking out our guest room tiki-style, so I convinced myself that getting one of these rad light switch plates from Crazy Al (whose masterful mugs are seen above) was also a practical move.

Tiki Bob by Eric October

And I knew a cuddly Tiki Bob from Eric October would be just the thing to prop up on the guest bed. He was also distributing some bamboo pieces (from The Islander restaurant in Stockton) that were discovered in a warehouse after 25 years.

Tiki pendants from Tropical Designs by Mieko

I’d kind of been on the lookout out for a tiki pendant, but I’d never really found any that grabbed me until I saw these brightly colored ones from Tropical Designs by Mieko. This girly girl had a trying time deciding between pink and purple.

Atomikitty's coconut monkey art

Atomikitty had some very neat vintage dresses at her booth (including a little blue and green number that sadly was a size or so too small for me) plus some art from her coconut monkey project.

Driftwood Toucan by Tiki Tony

My last purchase of the day was this friendly toucan made from driftwood by Tiki tOny. It already has a perch of honor at our place. I would have to award Tony with the best vending space—it was all decorated with beachcomber and nautical ephemera.

Tonga Hut Parking Lot Sale

And second prize would have gone to Kirby‘s yellow dune buggy. All in all it was a lovely and productive afternoon!


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