Trader Vic’s Warehouse Sale

Once in a great while, the folks at the Trader Vic’s warehouse in Richmond, California, graciously open their doors to the riff-raff like us.

And one of these sales serendipitously fell on the particular weekend in late September that Mr. Baseball and I were heading up to San Francisco for a weekend of tiki and baseball. (It actually was a real coincidence, as we had picked the date months before since the Cubs would be in town.)

It was amazing to see this treasure trove of tikis. They were lined up along almost all the available wall space.

The “Trader Vic’s Warehouse Girls” (Kier and Michelie, I believe) were overseeing the stock for the sale and they were extremely patient with my constant questions.

I believe I was told that this Barney West tiki (unsurprisingly not for sale) came from the Trader Vic’s in Berlin, but I could be wrong. The unfortunate shuttering of that restaurant was the reason they were hosting a warehouse sale that weekend.

Trader Vic’s saved the decor from ending up in a dumpster (which used to be a common fate for tiki bars) and shipped it back in a container to their warehouse. In addition to the tikis, they also had masks, immense glass fishing floats, woven fishing traps, tee shirts and even a random phonograph.

Most items were out of my price range, but we did pick up some Trader Vic’s branded glasses, a white shell bowl and Menehune swizzle sticks. As an early Christmas present, Mr. Baseball bought me one of the carved Maori candle holders you can see on the middle of that table. (If you look carefully, you can also spot them in my photos of the dining room from Trader Vic’s Chicago.)

I was intrigued by all the nautical things, like the wheel helm in the previous photo and this thing. I’m not even quite sure what it is (a cowl vent?), I just think it looks neat.

I also bought a handful of these vintage advertisement coasters, and as a parting gift the ladies gave us poster prints of the Trader Vic’s menu.

Trader Vic’s Warehouse
623 South 32nd St.
Richmond, CA 94804


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  1. Hello
    I have a big collection of the Menehune Men swizzle sticks (the 3 3/4″ 3-d, not the flat ones). Do you know what the value of these are? They are in great shape, I have collected them from around the world! Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Michelle Jaff

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