Tiki Island Volcano Golf – Orlando, FL

Tiki Island Adventure Golf
Somehow I was under the impression that there wasn’t that much tiki in Florida, at least not in the coastal bars that call themselves “tiki.” I guess they all must have migrated inland—how else can you explain these two tiki-fied mini golf courses within a few miles of each other?

Apatosaurus in front of Tiki Island Volcano Golf

On our last day in Orlando we went to check out Tiki Island Adventure Golf, where an impressive apatosaurus (I still want to call it a brontosaurus, or maybe a longneck) guards the entrance.

Tikis and a triceratops

The two courses were not only entertaining, but also informative! Each dinosaur had a sign with its name and a description. I like how it looks like that triceratops is keeping an eye on that sneaky tiki.

Dinosaur dome

This dome at the top of the course has a golden Moai inside—and also serves as a good shelter during a somewhat-expected downpour.

Tiki Island Volcano
According to a video on their web site, this volcano/waterfall can spew fire Mirage-style. But we saw nothing, so it must lie dormant during the day or supposedly until someone gets a hole in one on the last putt.

Brontosaurus Boats
I thought these “Brontosaurus Boats” were pretty awesome. Except it doesn’t look like there’s much room to maneuver them around the moat.

Volcano Golf Tiki Island

Tiki Island Volcano Golf
7460 International Dr.
Orlando, FL 32819


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  1. What is it with the AWESOME mini golf places in Florida? I’ll never forget when I took my son to Pirate Cove near all of those tourist hotels in Kissimmee. We had a BLAST! Now I need to go play some Tiki golf (for me) LOL!

    Nice post!!

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