Ohana Restaurant & Tambu Lounge – Orlando, FL

Ohana restaurant at Disney's Polynesian Resort

‘Ohana is the main dining event at Disney’s Polynesian Resort, located upstairs in the Great Ceremonial House near the Kona Cafe. It serves “character breakfasts” where folks dressed up like Disney characters visit your table, and also AYCE dinners of barbecued meats and Asian-inspired side dishes.

Tikis at Ohana

Flanking the entrance are these awesome tall tiki statues. Now, if you’ve seen “Lilo & Stitch” then you should know that “ohana” means “family,” so it should be no surprise that the food here is served family-style. (Of course, after I write that sentence I look at their official site and they said pretty much the same thing…guess I could be a copywriter for Disney.)

Ohana dining room

It’s too bright to see, but these second-story windows look out over the Polynesian Resort grounds and the lake. In the distance you can even see Space Mountain, which was kind of surreal to spot something retro high-tech in contrast to this faux-natural paradise. (Although, the whole Disney experience is pretty surreal, I suppose.)


When I showed Mr. Baseball my photos from this trip, he thought this tiki was posed rather…suggestively. There are a bunch of these standing sentry around the room.

Tambu Lounge

The plan had been to have a drink at the Tambu Lounge next to the restaurant, but it didn’t open until 1 p.m., which was about an hour away. The staff at the Polynesian Resort recommended we go to the Barefoot Pool Bar instead to get our drink on, so off we went. To be continued…

Polynesian Resort at Disney World

‘Ohana Restaurant & Tambu Lounge
Disney’s Polynesian Resort
1600 Seven Seas Dr.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830


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  1. wayt. de alow furys der? i bet de getz alot of petz. i needz 2 steel dem.
    P.S. sawry i powsted on da rong 1. iz a litle dodedo – u no, chrlybrane and al.

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