Tiki & Baseball at Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field marquee

One of the big things Mr. Baseball and I planned for our Chicago trip was a Cubs home game—my first! Much to my Southside-born-and-raised family’s chagrin, I had a wonderful time. I know most people love the brick and the ivy, but I was enamored with the marquee…

Dixieland band in front of Wrigley

And the brass band playing Dixieland music. There was even a banjo player!

The manual scoreboard

Mr. Baseball took me around Wrigleyville for a bit beforehand. We went to the batting cages above Sluggers and drank some Goose Island’s 312. I figured that and Bud/Old Style at the park would be the extent of the day’s beverage selection.


I went to the concession stand to pick up some classic snacks like Cracker Jack (it was invented in this town!) and a hot dog, and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I scanned the board. They serve Mai Tais here?!

Mai Tai at Wrigley Field

So, of course, how could I not get one, right? And there’s a baseball embossed on the souvenir cup, to boot. (It’s laughable that it’s billed as “The Original World Famous Mai Tai.” I think Trader Vic would have something to say about that…) The Mai Tai was made with Fresh Island mix—pretty tart and not that great, but I suppose it was worth it for the sheer novelty.

Outside Wrigley Field

I was so tickled to find another serendipitous convergence of baseball and tiki. Even better, the Cubs beat the Brewers so we got to sing the “Go, Cubs, Go” victory song by Steve Goodman. Good times.


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