Tiki Magazine Release Party


About a month ago there was a big shindig at the “new” Don the Beachcomber in Huntington Beach, which used to be called Kona. Mr. Baseball was kind enough to accompany me, and he even wore a Hawaiian shirt! Sadly, I didn’t think to get photographic evidence of this.


As if there needed to be a special reason to party and guzzle Mai Tais, the event also marked the release of the spring issue of Tiki Magazine.


By the way, my pineapple purse made its debut and was well-received.


The tiki folks were out in full force!


And it wouldn’t be a true tiki event without…stuff to buy! I was able to resist the temptation, though, and only came away with my issue of the mag.


The Tikiyaki Orchestra performed Exotica tunes, and there was even a dress like the Don the Beachcomber contest.


Eric October (who you may remember as the maker of the Easter Island Egg) constructed this impressive get-up. Mr. Baseball and I had left before the judging, but apparently it wasn’t enough to take home the win. Shenanigans?


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