Aloha Apartments – Gardena, CA


While I was on my merry way to devour some loco moco at Bruddah’s Hawaiian Foods, I serendipitously drove by this neat apartment complex on Gardena’s Vermont Blvd. I made a u-turn to make sure I got a pic.

I figured it would be chronicled in Tiki Road Trip, and indeed, it was. This is what James Teitelbaum had to say about it:

“Nicely maintained vintage building with few Tikis; worth a trip, or just move in!”

Hmm, I probably would if I had a job at the Hustler Casino down the street! But I don’t…so I guess I won’t.

I didn’t see any of the aforementioned tikis, but I also didn’t sneak around too much. That would have been a little creepy. Looks like I may have a ways to go in my pursuit of being a budding urban archaeologist.


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