Thrift Score!


Before catching the Tiki Mugs Book Signing at 8-Ball, Curiouslaydee and I stopped in at the American Way Thrift Store. We’ve been frequenting this stretch of Magnolia Boulevard since high school for vintage shopping but would usually spend most of our time in Junk for Joy or It’s a Wrap, which usually had interesting stock but few bargains.


The racks and racks of clothes at American Way are somewhat daunting and not ideal for casual browsing. Instead, we went around the outskirts, looking at the glassware, furniture, foosball tables and hideous wedding dresses on the walls. Some of the items, like this sewing machine, made for neat still life shots.


I just thought this was funny, and applicable.

By this point you may be wondering what any of this has to do with tiki. Well…


Curiouslaydee must have some kind of magnetic merchandise power because she always manages to find the best stuff in any store. And pretty much as soon as she walked over to this epic pile of junk, she unearthed this treasure.


A pineapple purse! It’s awesome, and it cost less than two dollars…and it didn’t smell funny! I think that has to be the trifecta of thrifting.


A peek inside at the palm tree patterned fabric. It will be perfect for toting around my camera on all the tiki outings planned for the summer. I must say I have a newfound respect for this store.

American Way Thrift Store
3226 W. Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505


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