Tiki Mugs Book Signing – Los Angeles


Last weekend was the release/book signing for the brand spanking new book Tiki Mugs: Cult Artifacts of Polynesian Pop at La Luz de Jesus gallery. It was kind of a pain to get there, though, because I guess Lance Armstrong decided he wanted to take a bike ride down Hollywood Boulevard or something so a bunch of the roads were blocked off, making the LA traffic even worse than usual. But it was definitely worth it.


“It’s addicting, isn’t it?” This—or something to that effect—is what Holden Westland (hunched over at left), owner of Tiki Farm, said to me when I gushingly admitted my admiration for his wares. He’s right on the money about that! Author Jay Strongman is next to him in that photo (signing books on a tiki bar, of course) and he was very cool and nice as well.


A side view of the bar in the gallery area where they were serving up free mai tais courtesy of Trader Vic’s. Don’t you love that ginormous lava lamp?

Note my attempt at product placement. (I guess I’ve learned a thing or two from watching so much “Top Chef” and their Gladware glad-handing.) Ah yes, that reminds me. I believe it’s only t-minus-one-month until Trader Vic’s at L.A. Live opens…


“Mauna Loa’s Minions” mugs by Crazy Al, which, along with being featured in the book, were also on display as part of the “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” group art show in the gallery section of the shop. That show is going on through March 29, so you still have a chance to go check it out. (Just make sure that Lance is not going on a little joy ride that night.)


Tiki Farm’s special set-up of mugs for sale. *Drools*

La Luz de Jesus
4633 Hollywood Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90027


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